1What is a good credit score?
It is Something
2How do I improve my credit?
3Do you guarantee your work?
4Do you guarantee your results?
5Do you require an upfront payment?
6Do you require a contract?
7Do you outsource your work?
8Can I come visit you in your office?
9How do we communicate during the time you’re working on my file?
10Do you help re-build my credit from what I have done?
11What is a dispute?
12Why do I not want to dispute anything on my credit report?
13What is a challenge?
14What is Metro 2?
15What is a Metro 2 challenge?
16Where did Metro 2 come from?
17Is there any legal evidence that Metro 2 is valid?
18If Metro 2 is so great, why do 99% of the industry not use it?
19What makes you the expert?
20What is the process to join?
21Is there legal precedence of Metro 2 lawsuits?
22Do you do outsourcing for other repair companies?
23Do you work with affiliates?
24Can you help car dealerships improve their revenue?
25Can you help mortgage companies approve more loans?
1Do you offer discounts?
2Do you offer discounts for couples?
3How fast will I get results?
4Are you licensed?
5Are you bonded?
6What states do you operate in?
7Can you work in other states?
8Can’t I do this myself?
9Where can I see your results?
10Can you give me references to call?
11Will you share my information with anyone?
12Can you help me get a mortgage?
13I have a bankruptcy, can you help?
14I have a tax lien, can you help?
15I have student loans, can you help?
16What items do you focus on first?
17How many items do you challenge on a month to month basis?
18How many methods are there to challenge Metro 2 compliance?
19How many bureaus do you challenge?
20How many credit reporting bureaus are there?
21I had my identity stolen, can you help?
22I have zero credit, can you help?
23Can I see what your letters look like?
24Can I be a part of the process?
25How will I share results with you?