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" We are extremely proud of what we were able to accomplish with our Metro2 Auto Program. We believe there is nothing like it in the state of Florida anywhere, from anyone. The successes we've achieved are far more than what we expected." 

-James & Christina Hyatt | Founding Members


because we help recover lost revenues​​


from the beginning

What We Do For You and Your Customers​​​

We only get involved when you send us your customers information. At that point we do all we can do to improve their credit profile. Speed is of the essence as we acknowledge the fact that your customer's excitement disappears in a relatively short period of time. That being said, everything is completed within 24 hours of receiving all the needed documentation.  


is declined for auto financing

Normally Your Dealership Loses Out On This Revenue

This is not the case when you are a partner with RELION Metro2 Auto Program. At this point, all you do is send us your customers information via our secure portal. Simply login, fill out the required information and upload the credit report you received when doing your credit pull. That's it. We can only work off of what you send our way, so if your lenders need information from different bureaus, please send all of them to us.


there is nothing left to do until we finish

From This Point There is Not Much For You to Do

The only thing that is left for you to do is to monitor the customers progress along the way. Soft pulls of your customer to watch the credit score. As our work goes through the channels to improve your customers credit health, you will see their credit score change. Sometimes this includes a drop in their score initially, but recovers quickly. This process from decline to being able to approve takes approximately 15-45 days. 


get your customer back into your dealership

Contact Your Customer

When you have discovered that they will be able to be approved, then all you have to do is call them and let them know that you will be able to get them approved. The cool thing about this is that if they are not in a big hurry, they may elect to wait to see if better terms can be reached. However, this is not the case most of the time. They are simply excited you were able to help them in a time of need. 


excited and ready to give referrals

You Call The Customer to Return for Purcahse

The fact that you were able to achieve what your customer saw as an impossible task to get them approved will go a very long way. In our experience, most customers do not want to purchase from a Buy-Here-Pay-Here dealership because of the perception they have, incorrectly so. You have just secured an amazing walking, talking bill board for your dealership. Congratulations!



You Have Just Converted a Lost Cause

Congratulations! What you have been able to achieve is something many dealerships have not been able to do with the exception of those that offer in house financing. You have taken lost revenue and converted that customer into revenue, and more importantly, PROFIT! 


remember, no success means no payment

You Only Pay for Successful Conversions

Now that you were able to offer this for your customer, and it concluded in a sale for your dealership, now is the only time a payment is required. We believe in what we do so much, that if we are unsuccessful, you shouldn't have to pay us. This is why we do it this way, we do not do billing on a per customer basis. This is generally set up to be paid within 7 days following the end of each month. If this does not fit into your bookkeeping, other arrangements can be made so it works for you. 


nothing more

You Only Pay for Conversions

You don't get paid unless your attempts to sell your customer a vehicle pan out, why should we? Well, we don't. You only pay us when the sale goes through on a previously denied applicant. Here is how it breaks down:

-$1000 successful CRO fee for each conversion

-15% of the profit of each conversion

Nothing more.

Further Questions?

If what is laid out for you here leaves you with questions we did not answer, please contact me for further clarifications

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