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Complete transparency. Expectations.

Now that you have a complete understanding of how things work, it is important you also know what RELION Metro 2 will need from you to ensure the greatest amount of success possible.  As well you will also see what we do for you. 

What to get to RELION for each customer

There is a secure portal we have set up for our partner dealerships to upload customer information. Obviously security is of vital importance, we strive to keep everything secure and away from prying eyes. We will need from each customer you have enrolled into our program:

*Complete Name

*Complete Mailing Address

*Complete Credit Reports (all pages)

*A List of Anything That is a Deal Breaker That Must be Removed for Approval

*A List of Anything Else That Ensures Approval

What RELION does for each customer

RELION receives your customers information, and within 24 hours, sends in our challenges of Metro2 compliance. We do this via fax and is received at the bureaus same day. What we challenge is designed for the greatest and fastest results for your customer. The items we focus on are based 100% off of your notes and information you send to us in the dealership portal. That being the fact, the more information or details you give to us, the greater the ability to succeed. We challenge the following Metro 2 reporting compliances for:

*Late Payment Reporting

*Inquiry Reporting

*Collection Reporting

*Charge-off Reporting

*Repossession Reporting

*Public Record Reporting

In addition to this, we also believe that that personal identifiers such as other names, previous addresses, previous employers, spouses and phone numbers being removed aides in the effectiveness of our program. Thus, these items will be requested to be removed from the bureaus reporting on your customers behalf. Keep in mind that this is a request and the bureaus have no obligation to remove said items, however, this is rarely refused.

What to do after customer submission

It is going to be your responsibility to followup on each of the customers that you have submitted into our program. What I mean by this is that you will have to keep an eye on their credit profile. However you do this is up to you. If you are only concerned with the credit score, knowing that if they reach a specific bench mark, then obviously a soft pull will do the trick.

If you require more information, our suggestion is to do as little to affect your customers credit profile. There is no way to tell when, or if, the bureaus will remove items from the report of your customer. We have experienced that items get removed within 24-48 hours, however, you should not have any expectations. Know that our program works best within 15-45 days. 

It is also our experience that items continue to be removed many months after your customer has been entered into our program. We have seen items we have challenged get removed 3-4 months after the fact. There is no rhyme or reason sometimes as what the bureaus do.

Bring your customer in to purchase

The second to last thing, is to get your customer back into your dealership to make the purchase. This has been done a few different ways in our experience. The most effective, and most widely used is a simple phone call. 

You will find that, the sooner the better once the customer reaches your approval criteria, taking advantage of their excitement. They WILL be very happy and appreciative of what you have been able to achieve for them. 

This is an enormous source for referral business. Fact is that people with poor credit know other people with poor credit and WILL tell their friends about this program at your dealership. The referral business alone will also grow your revenue. 

Last thing to do

The last thing to do is to document the successes and pay us for our service. This is typically done within 7 days following the months end and a check can be disbursed for the fees.

Within our program, we also keep in-touch with your customer via email and text message. This is NOT a sales attempt by any stretch of the imagination. We do not sell to your customers. This is a gentle and enthusiastic communication letting them know we are working hard on your behalf. It's entire goal is to keep them excited about the potential of an approval coming from your dealership. 

We have experienced that when we communicate with your customers, they stay away from other potential sources for their new vehicle, keeping you as the one they are depending on for their need. 

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